Success on YouTube is all about getting people to watch your videos and return to watch more. In other words, an audience is the key factor! So many wonderful things can happen if you have a large audience of passionate fans.

  • What is it actually like being a YouTuber?
  • How can you make videos people want to watch?
  • What gear is needed?
  • How can you get (and grow) an audience?

Answers to all of these questions, and more, are in this course!

Course Curriculum

About the instructor


Matt Haas

Matt has several successful YouTube channels and has done over 100 weekly Livestreams about growing an audience on his YouTube channel: All Things YouTube. He has helped many channels accelerate their growth. Matt is full of energy and has a passion for the positive improvements running a successful YouTube channel can do for you. His unique and fun teaching style definitely reflects that! [email protected]